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Greek Made All Gold Bull's Head Bangle From Ionia

Another Beautiful Piece from The Getty Villa in Pacific Palisades in California.

Dating back to 250 B.C. It's a Greek piece made in Ionia. Two Bull Heads are skillfully crafter towards the clasp.  The Bull Heads are connected by a small Rope Chain.

The Piece has many textures and Finishes of Gold. The cuffs have a bit of Filigree Hand Work and High Polish.  The Bangle itself has Hand Carved "Rows" Shaped into its Body.

We love Bangles at Ritz Jewelers in Los Angeles and we were excited to see this Amazing Piece. It is a Chapter in Social and Jeweler History.

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Many Years After They Got Married and Laurei Finally found the matching ring for her Husband at Ritz Jewelers

Many years back Laurei and Her Now Hubby were looking for wedding bands.

She found this beautiful Diamond ring you see on her hand. They Could not find a matching band for her husband for years and he never got a ring.

As she was walking by the Ritz window, she saw the exact matching diamond band and came in for details.

Herself, Daughter, and Grand Daughter walked into the store. Great People. We hit if off instantly. We took a look at the ring and the pricing and she was thrilled. Even Ecstatic, as it had been many years that they were looking for a matching ring.

Its a beautiful row by row ring, alternating between round and baguette diamonds. They are all set invisibly in a channel which create a cascading diamond surface.

Look at how they perfectly match, The men's ring is substantially thicker. Perfect for the couple. We are happy to have them be a part of the Ritz Jewelers family. We took her ring and gave it a deep cleaning and a fresh rhodium/polish and brought it back t…

More Gold and Silver Pieces from Before Christ Displayed at the Getty Villa Museum...

Such Interesting Pieces.

Here we have 3 sets of Gold Earrings dating back to 525 B.C.

Also on Display was a Silver Comb dating back to 700 B.C. Even then, Gold and Silver was considered in high regards.

These "Disk" Style Earrings were set on dangling hooks and were made by the skillful hand of the Etrurian Goldsmiths. Small pieces of gold were saudered to make a "Filigree" type design.

Absolutely beautiful and a huge part of the World's History.

Ritz Jewelers, Los Angeles.

Congrats Mr. F and His Wifey. Beautiful Choice of a White Gold Ring with Round Diamond.

Check Out the Design of this Beautiful White Gold Ring. Nice sized Round Center Diamond with a small Diamond Halo. Diamond Swirls along the top, with an intricate "filigree cut" design on the side and in the Gallery. This is a One of a Kind Ring.

Very Unique. We have Many rings that we have created only One for our stock. There are a good amount of "One of a Kind" designs available in stock and custom creations available to build your perfect ring.

It will be the only one out there. You can walk around knowing your ring is as uniquely designs as you are.

Ritz Jewelers, Los Angeles

Mr Danny Trejo Owner of Trejo's Tacos Visited Ritz Jewelers in Los Angeles

Actor Danny Trejo stopped by the store. Make sure to go try his Trejo's Tacos.

He is such a down to earth person and very easy to talk with.

We support all that he does and have been big fans since the beginning.

Come visit the shop for any of your jewelry needs. We have some great pieces and also do repairs, cleanings, and custom work.

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Check Out This Greek Wedding Ring From 575 B.C. along with Other Amazing Pieces.

Check Out This Gold, Greek Wedding Ring from 575 B.C. It was inscribed with a dedication. The history of how long jewelry and traditions go is Amazing. The Dedication is to Hera which is the Goddess of Marriage. It was from Argos from the Before Christ time.

Also there are thin Roman sheets of Gold from Syria with Jewish Prayers inscribed dated back from
200-300 A.D.

Theses amazing pieces along side some precious gems stones also dating very far back. They  are dismayed in the Getty Villa in the Pacific Palisades in California. Must Visit if your in the area. Great for a day date on beautiful day in the mountains by the beach side.

Ritz Jewelers, Los Angeles

Congrats Krista & David. Enjoy Your HoneyMoon!

Krista and David came in and purchased these love bands to officiate their love and marriage.

She chose a classic yellow gold diamond band and surprised David with a sleek Tungsten Band.

Their ceremony was beautiful and they are now on their honeymoon. We wish them many years of success and happiness...

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Gold And Carnelian Rings From 450 B.C. Displayed at The Getty Villa in Pacific Palisades, California

Recently we took a trip to the Getty Villa in California.  Check Out some of our previous blogs to see a more detailed about the facility. We took many pictures while we were there and we want to show case all the pictures every so often.

These are 4 rings from as old as 450 B.C. They are made of gold, which has been kept intact after all these years. The Red stone we see, which was very common for its time is the red Carnelian.

Each one has its own engraving on the center stone. Some war based and some homages to popular people around that time period.  We have included a picture of the placard, which gives more details on each piece.

Ritz Jewelers, Los Angeles

Assorted Gold Bracelets Available at Ritz Jewelers in Los Angeles. Look at the Fine Craftsmanship!!!

Look at the fine details in this Italian piece. Such a beautiful design. It was purchased as a gift for an overseas family visit.  This all gold bracelet is made of 14k Italian gold and carefully crafted to perfection. From Solid gold, to beaded design, to mesh swirls, its one of the most intricate pieces of fine jewelry in the market.  It's a one of a kind, custom piece. Similar pieces are available in the store and any design you can image can be custom made as well. Just contact us for details.

Ritz Jewelers 625 S Hill St, Ste 101  Los Angeles, CA 90014 (213) 624-7664 RitzJewelersLA@Gmail.Com

Rolex Upgrades and Overhauls by a Rolex Certified Repairmen Available at Ritz Jewelers in Los Angeles

Make sure to take care of your Rolex.  There are three different types of oils in a Rolex Movement along with hundreds of interworking parts.  They have to be up-kept, just like a car engine.  It is very important to keep all the parts original and make sure to change the oils.  A complete overhaul includes the cleaning and changing of all the working mechanisms, Changing of the oils, a reconstruction of the movement, and a polish on the case & Bracelet, just to name a few. There is a lot that goes on when overhauling a Rolex. It is important to use only Rolex Certified Personnel to do such a repair.  Rolex suggests an overhaul every 3 to 5 years depending on how the watch is used.

We have a certified Rolex Repairman that is the best in Los Angeles.  Actually, He is the only certified repair man in all of Downtown, Los Angeles. And you will be amazed by our prices.

Here we have a Beautiful Ladies Rolex Date-just with a jubilee bracelet and an 18k white gold fluted bezel. We gave …

Lashanae and Edward Chose a Beautiful Rose Gold Engagement Ring with a Princess Cut Diamond.

Congratulations to the young couple and their beautiful family and friends. It was a pleasure meeting everyone and they were so excited to officiate their marriage. They Brought their super cute kids.

Lashanae fell in love with this beautiful Rose Gold setting, as well as the Edward and the Kids. We set a half carat Princes cut diamond in the middle and we could tell by the look in their eyes that we did our job right.

It's always a pleasure to make a family happy and put together something that is beautiful and works in their budget. They became part of the Ritz Jewelers family. We were talking and laughing for hours.

Lashanae is wearing a 14k Rose Gold Ring with Top quality diamond totaling 1ct.

Men's Diamond Cross Options at Ritz Jewelers in Los Angeles.

Click On This Link to See A Video Containing Some Options for Diamond Crosses

With the Holidays right around the corner we are sure that some people are already looking into gift ideas. We have hundreds of religious pendants for any holiday. Perfect for a gift.

Click on the link to see some of the diamond pendants we have available. They are also available in smaller sizes and with our diamonds.

Any Holiday, Any Religious, Any Pendant is available at Ritz Jewelers in Los Angeles.
Contact us if you have any questions or ideas.

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Rings From the Roman Era. Gold, Amethyst, & Carnelian (From 1-300 B.C.) at the Getty Villa Museum

We got a chance to visit the Getty Villa in Pacific Palisades, CA. 

The J. Paul Getty Museum at the Getty Villa in Malibu opened on January 28, 2006, after the completion of a major renovation project. As a museum and educational center dedicated to the study of the arts and cultures of ancient Greece, Rome, and Etruria, the Getty Villa serves a varied audience through exhibitions, conservation, scholarship, research, and public programs. The Villa houses approximately 44,000 works of art from the Museum's extensive collection of Greek, Roman, and Etruscan antiquities, of which over 1,200 are on view.

Here we have three rings made of gold. The Center Stones are Amethyst & Carnelian. Dated from 1-300 B.C. from the Roman Era. Amazing.

Ritz Jewelers.

Happy Birthday & Anniversary to Those Celebrating in October. We Have a Special Gift For You!!!

Ritz Jewelers in Los Angeles would like to Congratulate every one celebrating a Birthday and/or Anniversary in the Month of October.
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