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Engagement Wedding Ring, 18k White Gold, Setting, Natural Diamonds 0.56ct F/SI1

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Engagement/Wedding Ring
18 White Gold Mounting (Setting) with a Diamond Halo. Center Stone Available (Extra Cost). 

Has 0.56 of Total Diamond Weight
The Diamonds are F in Color with an SI1 Quality
Appraisals Available Brand New & Hand Made by Our Personal Designers
Has Matching Band upon Request (Extra Cost).
All Natural Diamonds, Non-Enhanced/Non-Treated
Sizing and Shipping (Unless International) are included in the purchase price.
For Any Further Question call Ritz Jewelers at (213) 624-7664

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Congrats to Perry & Michelle. Beautiful Proposal in Hawaii...

We want to send a special congratulations to Perry & Michelle.


They sent us this beautiful picture of him proposing to her in Hawaii. Such a magical and emotional picture.

He chose a beautiful engagement ring with a cushion cut diamond as the center. Being in Boston, he completely trusted our judgment to build him the perfect proposal ring.

We shared a few email ideas to each other and the ring was shipped overnight!

We wish you a lifetime of happiness and amazing memories that you will build together.

Congratulations from Our Family To Yours,

Ritz Jewelers, Los Angeles
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14k Italian White Gold Bangles... Many Different Styles of Bangles Available...

The Bangle is such a beautiful and classic piece of jewelry.  Most get pasted down at least through 3 generations or more.

They are a fun way to accessories and spruce up any outfit.  Here we have three 14k White Italian Gold bangles with a twist design. One surface of the twist is a high polish and the other is a matte finish. They combine together so beautifully.  The high polish gives just enough shine to the piece and the matte gives it a very chic look.

These specific ones have a buckle with a hinge opening and extra click on safe guard, for easy wear.
Explore the world of bangles and find your favorite design and look.  They look great when wearing multiple pieces. That is why we have 3 stacked in the picture.  They can be purchased separately and in any color of gold, with many many different designs.

These run about $275 each (USD) and are about 5.5 grams of gold (each).  The quality and workmanship is unparalleled.  It takes hard work to create this "twisted" desi…

Congratulations Aline & Luis... They Made Their Marriage Official with these Beautiful White Gold Bands

Another beautiful young couple came in to get some rings to officiate their marriage.

They selected a 14k White Gold band for him and a beautiful diamond band for her.

These are some pictures from their ceremony.

We are always happy to be a part of these moments. We love to help celebrate love and be part of the family.

We wish Aline and Luis many many years of happiness ahead.

Ritz Jewelers, Los Angeles
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Los Angeles, CA 90014

Loose Diamonds Available at Ritz Jewelers in Los Angeles. Any Shape, Size, & Quality. Here is an Example!

No matter what you are trying to accomplish, we have the perfect diamond for you.  Weather its starting a new love and creating an engagement ring or if you have been in love for years and just want to reiterate your feelings for that special someone. 
We can create the perfect piece for you.  Upgrades are available. We can take in your old diamond and put the credit towards your new purchase. Just come in a choose your perfect diamond from our vast stock.  We have GIA certified personnel that can help guide you to choose your perfect center stone.
Here we have a 1.51ct Round Diamond.  D color with SI1 Clarity with a certification from EGL. Such a beautiful stone for an amazing price.  We choose the best stones available to ensure our customer satisfaction.  No matter the color or quality, the cuts we choose from each level of stone shine and are undoubtably some of the best in Los Angeles.
Contact for Inquiries: (213) 624-7664 or RitzJewelersLA@Gmail.Com

Fun Tri-Colored Bands with Diamonds... Get One or Get All 3 to mix & Match!!!

These Cute bands are super fun.  They come in Rose Gold, Yellow Gold, & White Gold.

They look great on their own, but can be doubled up or even stacked with all three.

Made of 14k with 0.15ct of Diamonds.  They are sizable to your needs and can be a great gift for many occasion, i.e. birthday, anniversary, graduation and More.

Contact us for details
Ritz Jewelers, Los Angeles
(213) 624.7664

His and Hers Matching Diamond Bands... Also Available in 14k White Gold...

His and Hers Matching Diamond Bands.

Here we have a matching set of diamond bands. Also available in 14k white gold.

The diamonds are channel set in a 14k yellow gold.  A Classic design that can be worn for many years to come.  Both Rings are sizable to your needs.

The Ladies band has 0.25ct of round diamonds and is going for $250 (USD)
The Mens has 0.25 of round diamonds and 0.25 of baguette diamonds totaling a full half carat. This ring is only going for $500 (USD)

If you get the pair we can give you a special deal of $700 (USD)

The Rings are available for purchased separately. Just contact us for details.
(213) 624-7664 or RitzJewelersLA@Gmail.Com

Super Cute Stackable "Bubble" Style Diamond Bands. Available in Yellow, Rose, or White Gold...

These Super cute "Bubble" Style Diamond Bands are great to wear on their own or great as stackables as well.

Up to you to choose how you want to wear them. Wear two colors like we see in the picture or incorporate the white gold version as well.

What you see in the photos above are hand crafted diamond bands. Made of 14k gold (either in yellow or rose) and top quality diamonds.  Each ring has 0.40ct of diamonds and are sold separately.

Priced at Only $380 (USD) each, they are great gift ideas. You can Add one on different special occasion and soon she will have all 3 colors and can mix and match them as she pleases.

If you Decided to get 2 or more at one time we will be able to work with you on pricing.

Contact Us for details.
Ritz Jewelers, Los Angeles
(213) 624-7664

Men's Matching Ring & Bracelet Set. 14k Yellow Gold with Diamonds...

We haven't forgotten about the men. This is a beautiful ring and bracelet set.  Made in the classic "Nugget" design.  This style will never go out of fashion and can be passed on to generations to come.
The Ring is made in 14k gold (weighing over 11 grams) and can be sized for almost any fit. It has 1.50ct of diamonds and can be worn as a wedding ring, pinky ring, or on any finger you choose!!! Retailing at $7800 Our wholesale price is just $2600
The Bracelet is 13 grams of gold and has a 2 size buckle option. It is 8 Inches long can be purchased for $650...
If you decide to get the set we can give you a price break and let them go for just $3100 (USD)!!!!!!!
Contact for any inquires about these pieces or other men's item's as well. Ritz Jewelers, Los Angeles (213) 624-7664 RitzJewelersLA@Gmail.Com

Diamond Studs. 0.31cts with Screw Back. Perfect for any occasion.

Beautiful set of diamond studs. Totaling weight of 0.31 set in a 14k White Gold Double Wire Setting.

Comes with screw back fastening. Perfect as a gift for almost any occasion.

Only $359.99 (USD) at Ritz Jewelers in Los Angeles. 

Natural Diamond Suds. Non-enhanced 0.31 total carat weight. Set in a Double Wire Setting  with Screw Backs. 14k white gold. G color in an SI2 Quality

Sold as a set, but available for single breakout purchase. 
Available in all sizes and qualities (prices will vary depending on diamond weight & quality)
No Tax for Out of State Shipping. Available in-Store at Ritz Jewelers in Los Angeles.  For more detailed inquiries call. (213) 624-7664 or email us at RitzJewelersLA@Gmail.Com

Congrats to Wesley and His Fiancé! He Bought Her a Beautiful Custom Made Diamond Band. What A Cute Couple!

Wesley and His Fiancé came in last week with a great idea in mind.

They wanted a delicate swirl style band with diamonds.  After discussing some details we came up with a great design.

We custom made their band from scratch.
1. Creating The Design
2. Making the Mold
3. Casting The Ring
4. Hand Selecting the Diamonds to Perfection
5. Setting The Diamonds
6. Polish & Rhodium

We created the band in 3 days and they were extremely happy. We hope they have a lifetime of beautiful days ahead of them.  They were such a good spirited young couple and we are happy to have meet them.

Come in and give us your ideas and watch them come to life with a fast turn around and amazing customer service.

Ritz Jewelers In Los Angeles
(213) 624.7664 or RitzJewelersLA@Gmail.Com

Custom Made Toddler Braclet with Engraved Name Plate. Perfect Gift For Many Occasions.

Such a beautiful Chain Link. Very Hard to come by these days.  This was a custom made toddler's bracelet.
14k Yellow Gold with a plate, ready to be engraved, as the center piece. The baby's name was engraved on the plate and it was given as a gift for her Baptism.
The family was extremely happy and the cute kid can wear it for years to come.
We have them available for little boys and girls in many different styles...
Just Contact us for inquiries. Ritz Jewelers, Los Angeles (213) 624-7664 or RitzJewelersLA@Gmail.Com

Beautiful Amethyst Earrings as a Wedding Gift for a Beautiful Bride.

Recently we sold this beautiful pair of heart shaped earrings.

It was perfect that they were made of Amethyst as the brides favorite color is purple.

They are set in a 14k White Gold setting with screw backs to protect from losing them.

Simple, elegant, & fun. Perfect for a young bride.

We hope they have a wonderful journey as they build their life together.

Ritz Jewelers, Los Angeles.

All Types of Religious Necklaces Available.

A Young Man came in with his Parents and chose this simple Jesus head to add to his chain.

We make them in all sizes and styles. Here we see a plain 14k Gold Piece.

We also make them with diamonds and in any size you like.

For inquiries call or email us.
(213) 624-7664 or RitzJewelersLA@Gmail.Com

Diamond Video of a 6.57ct Stone. Sparkles So Beautifully!!!

What A Beautiful Stone. As Promised, We wanted to share a video of the picture we posted earlier this week.

In the Video You can really see the shine and brilliance of this 6.57 carat diamond.

The Cut of a diamond is very important. If the proportions are right the diamond had a better geometry to bounce light back to the surface, which is where the sparkle comes from.

When shopping for a diamond, make sure you are happy with the color, quality, & Size, but always make sure the cut is as close to perfect is possible.  This allows any quality of diamond to look amazing.

Check Out The Shine And Brilliance of This Engagement Ring

Princess Cut Diamond that is Set in a Cushion Shaped Halo.

How beautifully the diamonds shine. That is because we only use the high quality cuts.

Not only in the center diamond, but on the side diamonds as well.

Many companies use less facets on the side diamonds because they are tiny and hard to cut. But less facets means less surfaces for light to shine off and that translates to a dull looking diamond.

We use the best diamond cutters in Los Angeles, which are some of the best in the world. We put a full 58 facets in the side diamonds just as we do on a larger one.  This gives many surfaces for the light to reflect off and THAT is what makes the ring bling and shine in brilliance.

Ritz Jewelers
625 S Hill St Ste 101
Los Angeles, CA 90014
(213) 624-7664

Any Diamond, Any Size Available. 6.57 Carat K/VS1 with IGI Certificate Available at Ritz Jewelers, Los Angeles

Beautiful and Large Diamond.  It's a 6.57 carat diamond in K Color with a Quality of VS1...

We can provide any size, color, & clarity of diamond.

This one has a beautiful cut and shine. We'll post a video later this week showing you the brilliance of this specific piece.

If you have any question concerning diamonds, reach out to us at RitzJewelersLA@Gmail.Com or by calling (213) 624-7664.

Anywhere from 0.50 carat and up. You can pick the perfect diamond for your center stone.  You choose the color, quality, and cut to fit your engagement ring.

We are certified by the Gemological Institute of America in Diamond training.

Diamonds are one of our favorite specializations.

Custom Made All Gold "Double Cup" Necklace

We have the means to create any Custom Piece.

This Huge All Gold "Double Cup" Necklace was made specifically for a customer.

We also can make them in any size and design.

Some even have small Amethysts along the top edges to signify the purple.

People have great imaginations and we have the means to bring their ideas to live.

Call us for any inquiries about ANY type of custom necklace and we will give you a general idea of pricing.

This piece is over 300 grams of gold and the customer wanted it to look as authentic to a Styrofoam cup as possible.  Look at the fine details in the gold that give that real "Double Cup" Look

Ritz Jewelers, Los Angeles.
(213) 624-7664

1,109ct Rough Un-Cut Diamond not sold in the Auction.

Click Here to See a 1,109ct Diamond

The world's largest uncut diamond has failed to sell at a London auction after bids did not reach the minimum reserve price.  The Lesedi la Rona, almost the size of a tennis ball, was unearthed in Botswana in November. The rough diamond is 1,109 carats and believed to be more than 2.5 billion years old. It had been expected to sell for more than £52m ($70m) but the highest bid was about £45m ($61m). The auction at Sotheby's was the first time a rough diamond of such a size has gone on public sale.
Ritz Jewelers, Los Angeles

Happy 4th From Our Family to Yours.

Have a great and safe 4th of July Weekend with Your Family & Friends.

Enjoy some R&R, The Fireworks, & the company of great People.

Happy 4th from the Ritz Jewelers Family in Los Angeles.