Men's Matching Ring & Bracelet Set. 14k Yellow Gold with Diamonds...

We haven't forgotten about the men. This is a beautiful ring and bracelet set.  Made in the classic "Nugget" design.  This style will never go out of fashion and can be passed on to generations to come.

The Ring is made in 14k gold (weighing over 11 grams) and can be sized for almost any fit. It has 1.50ct of diamonds and can be worn as a wedding ring, pinky ring, or on any finger you choose!!! Retailing at $7800 Our wholesale price is just $2600

The Bracelet is 13 grams of gold and has a 2 size buckle option. It is 8 Inches long can be purchased for $650...

If you decide to get the set we can give you a price break and let them go for just $3100 (USD)!!!!!!!

Contact for any inquires about these pieces or other men's item's as well.
Ritz Jewelers, Los Angeles
(213) 624-7664


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