14k Italian White Gold Bangles... Many Different Styles of Bangles Available...


The Bangle is such a beautiful and classic piece of jewelry.  Most get pasted down at least through 3 generations or more.

They are a fun way to accessories and spruce up any outfit.  Here we have three 14k White Italian Gold bangles with a twist design. One surface of the twist is a high polish and the other is a matte finish. They combine together so beautifully.  The high polish gives just enough shine to the piece and the matte gives it a very chic look.

These specific ones have a buckle with a hinge opening and extra click on safe guard, for easy wear.
Explore the world of bangles and find your favorite design and look.  They look great when wearing multiple pieces. That is why we have 3 stacked in the picture.  They can be purchased separately and in any color of gold, with many many different designs.

These run about $275 each (USD) and are about 5.5 grams of gold (each).  The quality and workmanship is unparalleled.  It takes hard work to create this "twisted" design and the fact that they open on a hinge lock is just marvelous.

Take a look into the world of bangles. Every girl should have a set of 3 or more in their jewelry collection...  They can also be a great gift idea for Birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, & more!!!

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