Check Out The Shine And Brilliance of This Engagement Ring

Princess Cut Diamond that is Set in a Cushion Shaped Halo.

How beautifully the diamonds shine. That is because we only use the high quality cuts.

Not only in the center diamond, but on the side diamonds as well.

Many companies use less facets on the side diamonds because they are tiny and hard to cut. But less facets means less surfaces for light to shine off and that translates to a dull looking diamond.

We use the best diamond cutters in Los Angeles, which are some of the best in the world. We put a full 58 facets in the side diamonds just as we do on a larger one.  This gives many surfaces for the light to reflect off and THAT is what makes the ring bling and shine in brilliance.

Ritz Jewelers
625 S Hill St Ste 101
Los Angeles, CA 90014
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