Beautiful Crowns, Bangles, & Rare Jewels Displayed at the Getty Villa Museum in California.

Check Out This Amazing Collection!

On Display at the Getty Villa Museum in the Pacific Palisades, CA the Collection has Items from the time Before Christ.

Here we have some Amazing Snake Bangles. Had Crafted from Gold and made with Care and Precision.

We also See some Beautiful Crowns Made of Gold. One was coupled with a Gold and Glass Flask from the time period where Carring Liquids was Crucial.

A few other very Interesting Pieces are the Gold Necklace and Earring Sets.

Red Carnelian Stones were quite Often Used with Gold and the 2 Rings Displayed here are Perfect Examples of The Earliest Bezel Set Stones in Gold.

They were always Hand Carved with Various Images.  The Hand Work and Craftsmanship on these Pieces are Truly Amazing, Especially being From the Time Period they are Saved From.  If you get a chance to visit the Getty Villa, We Highly Recommend it.

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