Here We Took a Family Heirloom and Turned it into A New Design for New the Generation to Wear!!!

This is Dawne. One of our favorite people. She had a classic Sapphire and Diamond Tennis bracelet that was passed to her by her mother.

She always wanted to wear her mothers bracelet but wanted to update the style.

She had a great idea which we brought into fruition for her. She wanted a tension clasp style bracelet. Instead of your traditional clasp bracelet, the tension style is when the chain slides through a gold ball with silicon in it, which holds the chain in place.

We took her mom's tennis bracelet and hand made the design for her. As you can see in the picture we used pieces of the original bracelet on the tips of the chain to really bring the piece together. She was extremely happy, which makes us extremely happy. Now she can wear her mother's bracelet in 2016 style and can remember her every time she looks at it.

A simple modification can bring an old piece back to life. Take some of your old pieces and/or jewelry that has been handed down in the family and create something that you can wear for another lifetime.  It was a pleasure being a part of this project and we hope she enjoys it in good health for a long long time.

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