Congratulations to Gustavo and Maira. Beautiful Choice on a Heart Shaped Diamond Engagement Ring...

A very Close friend of ours just recently purchased this Heart Shaped Diamond Engagement ring. We are so happy the couple will officiate their vows.  With a baby on the way, they are starting a new chapter in life. It is a pleasure for us to have known them for so long and be part of their special moment.

This Beautiful wedding set has a 3 point focal point in the center with a Heart Shaped Diamond as the main feature. Both rings have a filigree design and compliment each other very well. Made in a 14k Gold with top quality diamonds, the ring is nothing short of amazing.

We wish them many years of happiness and success!

Ritz Jewelers
625 S Hill St, Ste 101
Los Angeles, CA 90014
(213) 624-7664


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