Congrats to Marium for Her New Wedding Ring!!!

Marium was a person that just walked into the store randomly with her mother. We all Started talking and in a matter of minutes we were all laughing and sharing stories.

The conversation must have lasted almost an hour.  On their way out, she spotted this beautiful wedding set and fell in love with it.  The couple is celebrating their one year anniversary and she really wanted to upgrade, but wished to keep the sentimental value of the original piece.  She had a great idea to take the center piece of her original ring and mount it onto the new wedding set.  We carefully crafted and modified the ring and we were so excited to show her the final product. As you can see by the beautiful smile on her face, she was extremely happy with the ring. It came together so perfectly.

She is now part of the Ritz Jewelers Family and we are happy to give the newlyweds such a great 1 year anniversary gift.

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